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Start training in 5 days

Start training your end-users earlier in the implementation cycle. Use Espresso's out-of-the-box solution and start training your team immediately.

Increase workforce efficiency

Give your end-users high quality training and see a measurable impact on their productivity and efficiency. Also save up to 70% on support costs.

Focus on core tasks

Allow SAP end-users to focus on their everyday jobs, and free up the time they spend on content development.

Use your SAP investment better

Go beyond standard learning solutions, with access to business process knowledge, industry-specific examples in five language choices, and SAP Enable Now training.

Espresso provides premium SAP training for a monthly per-user fee less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Starting your digital transformation process?

Train your end users earlier in the implementation cycle with ready content. Customize only what you need, and reduce support costs while you’re at it.

Already implementing SAP for your business?

Give your end-users a head start with Espresso’s ready content and introduce them to SAP with modules that are most relevant to your current need.

Want to make the most of your existing SAP investment?

Train more people in a shorter time window, and with examples that are relevant to your industry.


Give people a better context with multilingual content.

The Espresso Solution


Simulations are a great place to start, but let's do one better. Espresso offers simulations, business process and SCORM packages, audio nuggets, assessments and more. 


We keep track of changes in the SAP landscape and update content on Espresso centrally, so your shot of SAP is always fresh and ready to go.  


During your subscription period, you can request an upgrade on your SAP business process content, branding elements, and templates as many times as you need.  


We learn better in the language we know. Espresso is offered in five languages for a better context, and more languages will be added soon.  


Organizational Change Management and Training Needs Analysis form the basis of SAP training. Take charge of the process internally with Espresso’s OCM and TNA toolkits.  

If you like SAP's Standard Content, you'll love Espresso!

Here's why

A shot of Espresso for everyone

Hey, the times are tough but we can stick together.


Whatever your current SAP training need might be, we understand the challenges you face especially in the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.


As part of our COVID-19 response, if you're experiencing challenges, Espresso is being offered for free for a period of six months if you sign up before March 2021.


Talk to us at to know more.

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